Ice Dam Removal

snow rakes off ice dam

Quality Ice Dam Removal Service

Homeowners living in Michigan know how treacherous winters can be. With that, you know there is an increased chance of ice dams on your roof. Sure, they look good on a postcard for the holidays but do no good whatsoever to your roofing system, and need to be removed as soon as possible. For ice dam removal in Troy, MI call Swift Services LLC 248-835-1135 today.

How Ice Dams Damage Your Roof

Ice dams can cause poor insulation and ventilation in your home. When the heat begins to escape through your attic, ice dams melt and increase the chances of moisture seeping into your roof. Not only that, but water will also run down and generate pools on the bottom of the roof where it then transforms into large frozen blocks. Not a postcard-worthy image, is it? The dams will trap water underneath them and cause strain in excess. 

Nevertheless, you can prevent ice dam formation. How? By having proper ventilation and insulation as well as air sealing in your system. Call Swift Services LLC 248-835-1135 today for a superb service of ice dam removal. You won’t regret hiring us for an ice dam removal service in Troy, MI. 

We are aware of how dangerous having ice dams for too long on your rooftop can be and are ready to solve this as soon as the phone rings. There are many companies in the area who will claim to remove ice dams but will do it improperly, only to cause more damage to your roofing system.

Swift Ice Dam Removal

Swift Services LLC removes ice dams the best and safest way possible by using hot steam. This is the only way any roofer can safely remove these blocks of ice. Hot steam will mildly remove the damaging ice and snow without causing additional damage to the overall roof structure. Remember, if you were to leave your ice dam untreated these can easily damage your home, only to result in costly repairs down the line.

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If you’re looking for superb service, attention to detail and trustworthy workmanship, call Swift Services LLC at 248-835-1135 today to request a free estimate for your home’s ice dam removal in Troy, MI. Our expert contractors will be happy to come down to your home and solve your issues professionally.