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Hail Covering a Roof.

Trustworthy Hail Damage Roof Repair

Along with the unpredictable weather, many homeowners in Troy, MI will face the situation of having a leaking or damaged roofing system due to hail. Hail damage to roofing systems is a very common situation for many homeowners, and Swift Services LLC
can help. Call 248-835-1135 today to find out how we can help with hail damage repair.

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It’s important that you are aware of the hail damage and are able to call the right roofing company to conduct a trustworthy repair, a repair that is high-quality so that you don’t experience any future issues. At Swift Services LLC, we are specialists in hail damage repair in Troy, MI. To get help call 248-835-1135 today.

Roof hail damage can become a very expensive insurance claim. This is why choosing the right company for your repair is essential, especially a company that can help you file the claim to your insurance company in order to conduct repairs as soon as possible.

Things To Consider When Inspecting For Hail Damage:

  • Inspect your Roof: If you decide to check your roof on your own and don’t see anything wrong, you shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Hail damage can go deeper than what the naked eye can see. If you’re suspecting hail damage, you should call Swift Services LLC‘s expert roofers to thoroughly inspect your roofing system for the right signs of hail damage.
  • Shingles Missing: Oftentimes, missing shingles are associated with high winds. However, many times, high winds are combined with a hail storm, so you may or may not notice missing shingles. Remember that hail damage is not as obvious as wind damage can be. It is so subtle that the effect goes unnoticed until leaks become serious issues in the future.
  • Insurance Company Limits: It’s important that you take into account the time you count on to make your insurance claim. Insurance companies have a one-year limit. Some will even have a claim limit of less time. However, since hail damage does not present itself as immediately as other types of damage, some insurance companies will pay claims when you pass the deadline. However, the waiver of the claim will only happen when the hail storm occurred over a significant geographical location.
  • New Roof Warranty: You will need to look into your new roof’s warranty. It’s easy to assume that hail damage would be covered in your warranty, but you could be incorrect. Some manufacturers specifically exclude hail damage from their warranties. The same goes for roofing contractors and builders. In fact, some new roofs are more vulnerable to hail damage compared to a seasoned roof. New roofs will need to cure through exposure.
  • Minimal Hail Storm Damage: If you think only minimal damage occurred to your roof during the hail storm, you may be incorrect. You can still file an insurance claim no matter how little the amount of damage that was done. The damage may not seem big, however, it can create serious issues in the future. Make sure you call 248-835-1135 today to have your roof inspected thoroughly. If the damage is found, you can file a claim immediately.

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